1. Can I book a slot to paint, take a private photo shoot, or bring a drone to video?

Absolutely but please adhere to the following guidelines and notifications to us in advance!

All photography is at the discretion of Styer’s Peonies and must take place while the Gardens are open to the public. All Styer’s Peonies guests, including photographers, videographers, and artists, must purchase general admission tickets or be to obtain entry.

Your photography, videography and/or art may not interfere with other guests' enjoyment or block paths. We encourage our guests to take casual photographs and videos of their visit for their own personal use and sharing on social media. Professional and amateur photo shoots (i.e. engagement, family, maternity, wedding, birthday, prom, and similar events) are permitted. Equipment, props, or signs that cannot be carried by one individual in their hands are not permitted. NO TRIPODS. Easels must be properly secured and level to not fall onto the plants. Any prop, apparel/attire or sign deemed controversial or offensive in nature will not be permitted. Styer’s Peonies does not have a place to store personal belongings. Please come to the Gardens prepared for your shoot with hair, makeup, and wardrobe complete in advance of arrival. No animals. Service animals must provide proper paperwork. 

Throwing rice, confetti, or similar material is prohibited.

Drone photography is strictly prohibited without prior approval. Please check all local FAA regulations. 

For photography, painting, and drone inquiries, email Bruce Mowaday: bruce.mowdayjr@gmail.com


  1. Will there be a designated walking path? Wondering what shoes to wear and what to expect with the terrain. Wheelchair access?

Mowed pathways lead the way. If you expect to have any trouble with hills, do not worry! You’ll be parking at the top of a hill, or throughout the circuit allowing you to easily walk through and drive alongside the gardens. When your walking is complete, you’ll see everything else by way of the drive exit. We suggest wheelchair use at your discretion based on terrain.

Keep in mind our number one rule on the farm: “If you go down a row, exit from the same row. Never step over the flowers!” 


  1. Can we picnic?

Yes! There couldn’t be a more lovely place to picnic! Simply bring your own blankets - no tables or chairs are permitted as those items distract from attendees’ photos.


  1. Do children need tickets? Is there an age range for them? Are strollers allowed?

Children ages 4 and under are admitted free and do not require a ticket. Children ages 5 and older do require a ticket. Strollers are allowed.


  1. Is your event pet friendly? Can I bring my dog, cat, or other pet?

Sadly, no dogs or animals are permitted. Our peonies are a true crop being harvested for sale. Dogs tend to be very fun, active, and curious which is not good for the flowers (though certainly enjoyable for us!) and we do need to be mindful of all our guests.


  1. Do I need to wear a mask outside?

We leave this to your discretion. 


  1. Can I touch the peonies?

We recommend not touching the crop unless it’s simply to enjoy its fragrance. 


  1. What can I bring and not bring while on foot?

Not permitted:

  • Large camera equipment (unless you make a photography reservation)
  • Tables or chairs
  • Clippers or tools for picking
  • Pets
  • Drugs or alcohol


  • Cameras
  • Blankets for picnics
  • Food
  • Strollers
  • Friends and family!


  1. I heard ants make it possible for peonies to bloom. Is this accurate? How do you prevent bringing ants into the house with bouquets?

This is in fact a myth! About a week before harvest, peonies stop exuding the sugar that attracts ants, and the ants disappear! After harvesting millions of peonies, we’ve never seen an ant in our sheds. All your peony bouquets will be ant-free.  


  1. Is this a rain or shine event? If a ticket is purchased and the weather does not cooperate, are we able to switch the date?

Visiting our Gardens is a largely outdoor experience, and most of our events are rain or shine. We will make every effort to hold events and maintain our posted dates and hours of operation as scheduled. If it rains and you come again another day, your ticket will still be valid. No refunds. 


  1. When will the peonies be blooming so we can come at the right time? Is there a peak time during the festival? Are there less blooms towards the end?

We have over 200 varieties that will be blooming within the window from May 18th - May 29th. We time this festival just right so that you’ll see blooms no matter when you arrive! If anything, you’ll see more blooms towards the end of the festival, not less. Note we do also offer a pre-bloom ticket, at a discounted rate, to see the fields in complete greenery. These are available for May 15, 16, and 17. It is a different but wonderful, and unique, experience as well.


  1. Is there an option to buy or cut our own peonies?

Yes, you can buy peonies! No, you may not cut or pick your own. We have freshly cut flowers in milk jug bouquets available for purchase, along with plants, Styer’s Peonies t-shirts, and face masks. We accept cash or credit card.


  1. Do Styer's gift certificates apply to the festival?

Styer's gift certificates apply to peony flower or root sales. They can be purchased at any time of year and redeemed during the spring blooming or fall planting season. Gift certificates do NOT apply to festival tickets, though certificates can be applied to peony purchases at the festival.


  1. What’s the latest I can arrive?

Please arrive by 5:00 pm as closing time is 6:00 pm sharp. This will allow for a minimum of one hour to experience the festival.


  1. Safety

Styers Peonies reserves the right to ask a guest to discontinue a behavior or asked to leave if one poses a safety concern, blocks paths or impacts the experience of other guests. Guests must stay in the public areas of the Gardens and obey all posted signage, barriers, and restrictions. Refrain from walking in flower beds. We cannot harm animals therefore throwing of rice, confetti, or similar material is prohibited.