6th May 2016 - Next week...

With fingers crossed and bated breath...

(Coral Charm Peony | Styer's Peonies)

We've held our breath with Mother Nature's ups and downs, leaving us in the unknown about our harvest. Unfortunately, we've had some frost damage in our Federalsburg, MD fields (the first to be harvested) that has set back our shipping dates about a week. The good news is, our first round of Coral Charm peonies will be ready to ship this coming week. Check our website for our predicted shipping schedule.

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Website Updates: We have made some changes to the layout of the Styer's Peonies website. The peonies are listed by expected variety availability per week. This has allowed us to create a shipping schedule for the next 4 weeks based on expected variety harvests. We've also made some updates to the catalogue section of the website. This area has been created as a reference point for buyers. The catalogue has the estimated price and photos per variety. We hope this can be a helpful tool when ordering.

Our pricing at this time is estimated because final price is based upon variety availability. Availability is effected by many factors including the weather. However, be sure to check back frequently for flash sales and specials we will run as the season unfolds. We'll be sharing them on the website, Facebook and Instagram!

WAG (Weather ata Glance):

Our weekly weather snapshot is listed below. Track the weather with us for the locations of our peony fields.

Eastern Shore, MD

Chester County, PA

Geneva, NY