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18th March 2016- Warmer weather is upon us...(and then it snows – go figure)…..

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It has been a wild week-long frenzy here at Styer’s Peonies. We are gearing up for another eventful season. Peony sales, planning, and forecast predictions, are all on our minds to help us make this season a success. We’re gathering our crew to divide, cut and tend the peonies in the fields. 

We are starting to see that spring is almost upon us so to celebrate new spring beginnings we’ve updated a few things at Styer’s Peonies. We’ve updated our website, so stay tuned and follow along with the flowers’ progress on Facebook and Instagram. We love being part of the peony community that is built of fellow farmer-florists, gardeners and designers sharing what they are planting, growing, harvesting & designing. Please share your peonies with us on Instagram! 

Don’t forget to tag #styerspeonies so we can see all of your beautiful work.