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About us



We produce the ultimate in fresh cut peonies. It all starts in our nursery where we divide the peony roots. From there, each root is planted and cultivated on one of our five farms. Each season, we watch for the peonies to break ground, and then they receive constant tending: weeding, debudding, and cutting. Once cut and packaged, we take the same care to get them to you that we did in growing them because we know you’ll appreciate them as much as we do. While our work is often focused on applying our knowledge of peonies day to day, it actually all started over a century ago with one man. 

Botanist J. Franklin Styer, a Pennsylvania Quaker, began to grow and market peonies to New York florists in the early 1900s.  At that time, peonies had been found in gardens across the United States, but they had not been cut for wholesale. He believed that the gentry of the time would love these beautiful, Victorian flowers; he was right. Like his father before him, who is credited with bringing the mushroom industry to Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, J. Franklin Styer successfully pioneered a new commercial horticultural venture: peonies. It is his business that is the foundation of Styer’s Peonies.

Peonies were not only a commercial venture to J. Franklin Styer; they were also a love and interest. He dedicated many years to researching and propagating peonies. He conducted his research through Penn State and developed as many as one hundred varieties of peonies, many of which remain unnamed. It was his ingenuity that gave us many of the varieties we work with today. He also expanded his peony business. In the 1920’s, he bought farms as far north as Geneva, New York, and as far south as North Carolina. With farms ranging up and down the east coast, he could work with a longer growing season. It was his foresight that allows us to meet the demands of the market from early May through late June.

Today, Styer’s Peonies maintains the passion and enthusiasm that J. Franklin Styer had for peonies. The baton passed from dedicated grower to dedicated grower always with J. Franklin Styer’s vision and interest at heart, thus continuing his original work. Now, we harvest two hundred varieties of peonies grown on one hundred acres spread over five locations. We love that we get to spend our days tending, digging, planting, and harvesting peonies in order to share them with you.